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We've added anti-fog protection and a softer silicon seal for people that need to wear their Jelli M1 all day long.

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The CDC recommends clear masks for people who rely on facial expressions to communicate properly.

The Jelli M1 mask was developed to let the world see smiles again.

"These Jelli M1 Transparent Masks are bringing visible expressions, especially our lovely smiles, back into the world" MEGA Philippines

Safe and reusable

Filters at over 97% efficiency

One 10-pack of replaceable melt-blown filters can last up to four months.

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The BEST mask for Deaf people!

I’m Deaf and most of the times we depend of lip reading and gestures to communicate, besides American Sign Language. This mask is owesome...Thank you!


Can’t express how happy I am now that people can see almost my entire face without compromising my health nor others’. Easier to communicate especially that people can see my lips.

Anna R.

I really dislike masks, they make me feel suffocated and very uncomfortable. However, this is one is different, not only comfortable and very breathable, does not create conflict with my glasses, my voice still came out very clear even when I wear this mask, amazing product. even packaging looked very nice.

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Los Angeles, CA