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How much do face masks cost, really?

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FDA Registered and CNAS Certified

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The Jelli M1 mask was developed to let the world see smiles again.

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Our face masks are US FDA registered and are certified to have passed conformity assessments for surgical masks and hygienic standards requirement for general protective face masks.

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Using this for the past 1 week, I find that the mask is overall pretty good. I have also used it to walk around the park with no issues


@Philip Tan


I tried my Jelli M1 mask for an hour-long body combat class, and I was able to survive it! Surprisingly, it was easier to breathe with this one than my K94 and K95 masks. Yay for a little happiness.




I can finally show off my smile and put my fave glossy lippies on! Also, no worries on having difficulties when breathing.


I am conscious that it has been difficult for us to hide our smiles for almost three years. I am literally sure that some people cover their sadness and a hidden smile behind their face mask. But we can now show our lovely smiles hidden behind our face mask with the Jelli M1 mask! 




I love the way this product looks. We have to face reality. Now we must wear a mask everywhere, and our smiles are covered. It's harder to recognize some people. This product can bring us back a little closer to what we once knew.


@Hermano Rivera


This product looked perfect for the stage (i do performances and wanted to show more facial features during it). I’m so excited to try it out there! I may also add different ear loops eventually (to match my outfit - a cosmetic choice, as the current ear loops work well).


I wanted to thank you for your speedy response to my email, and I also wanted to tell you that my masks arrived in a very prompt five days! When my shipment arrived this afternoon, I was thrilled! I immediately opened my package, and I was impressed with the look and the quality of the mask. 


Definitely my new go-to mask! As a person who has a hard time speaking and hearing other people whilst wearing a mask, seeing mouth movements really help with better communication.


I am loving my Jelli M1 mask because I can use them for working out, walking outside or even just out for simple errands! It can match any outfit.



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