Jelli M1 - Transparent Face Mask

Third generation

#1 rated

We've added anti-fog protection and a softer silicon seal for people that need to wear their Jelli M1 all day long.

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The CDC recommends clear masks for people who rely on facial expressions to communicate properly.

The Jelli M1 mask was developed by parents, teachers and athletes who wanted a clearer way to respect boundaries.

When three school children came up with the idea to improve communication in their classroom, they insisted that the solution be a long-lasting one.

Top durability

Filter 99.7% of all pollution

One 10-pack of replaceable melt-blown filters last for four months.

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This fits me perfectly. It's exactly what I've been looking for to wear all day long.

Chris Platt

Events organizer

Mayor Isko

Mayor of Manila


Thank you so much JelliM!

Joe Devance

Basketball player

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