Data Shows Mask Mandates in Schools Reduced COVID-19 Transmission by 72%
A group of researchers led by Duke University epidemiologist Danny Benjamin conducted a study on COVID-19 transmission rates in kindergarten to grade 12 public schools around U.S. districts. They found that schools with mask mandates in place had a significantly less COVID-19 transmission rate — 72% less, to be exact, which is about one-fourth the rate of schools with partial, optional, or no mask policies.
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British Columbia Government Mandates Expanded Health and Safety Measures for Students
At the beginning of October, the British Columbia Government announced new guidelines to foster the health and safety of students. Among them is requiring masks for students in kindergarten to Grade 3. Other health and safety guidelines in place for safe back-to-school learning include daily health checks. frequent hand washing, improved ventilation systems on campus, staggered recess and lunch breaks, managed class transitions, and staying home when sick.
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How to Help Children and Adolescents Understand COVID-19
Unlike adults who have a solid and informed understanding of the current global crisis, children and adolescents may not be as aware. Parents should make sure that their kids hear reliable facts and information about COVID-19 and help them understand the changes that have been happening around them. We round up some tips on how to talk to your child about COVID-19.
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