Birth of AI and Other Groundbreaking 21st-Century Innovations

Birth of AI and Other Groundbreaking 21st-Century Innovations

When one hears the word fantasy, some usually think of fairies, dragons, witches, and other things that you hear from many children’s books. But… what if you were told that our world has already achieved a different kind of fantasy?

The entrance to the 21st century was a critical moment where the world felt itself transform into a whole new world. This was the point where humans ideated hopeful innovations that turned out to be the tools that we commonly use in our everyday lives. You bet that if you ask most people if they would go back to doing things how they used to be done, they wouldn’t even think twice about giving a resounding “No.

Photo courtesy of Glenn Carstens-Peters

Yet, no one, when asked about the greatest invention that ever existed, could give an answer that everyone would agree on. You know why? Because humans created a lot of amazing inventions! With this, why don’t we go on a trip down memory lane, starting with Artificial Intelligence which might be one of the greatest inventions of all time?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to the ability of machineries and computers to perform a multitude of tasks, commonly performed by humans, through imitation of human intelligence. Taking into account their current progress, they are already able to do tasks like playing physical games with other human individuals, assisting in analysis and summary of data, answering queries (like the famous ChatGPT), and many more. This has been made possible by careful engineering and coding of programs within these robots, with the ability to adapt human-like behaviors and integrate them in their systems for higher accuracy.

Photo courtesy of Mika Baumeister

There’s no contention to how AI is a testament to human greatness, but we also owe our lives to some of the other human inventions we think we’ll still be using for a long time:

  • Smartphone: Imagine making a call, playing your favorite games, taking down important information, taking pictures, messaging your family and friends, and computing an equation in just one device?! Yes, that’s what smartphones are for. There’s no need to purchase tons of devices to complete your tasks because all you wanna do, a smartphone can do them with swiftness and ease!
  • Social Media: Along with the existence of the Internet, the world of social media has immensely helped us connect with other people, around the world, anytime and anywhere. With just a few clicks, you’re already able to share to others what you’re up to and to see what the others have been doing!
  • Reusable Face Mask: Health is definitely wealth! Masks have been around for a long time now but due to how quickly our world advanced, humans have found great ways to redesign them to fit the complexity of the 21st century. Having reusable masks has helped people using it reduce their own purchase cost and waste generation. In this department, aside from reusability, the Jelli M1 Mask also provides superb pollution filter vents, adjustable ear loop straps, and food-grade polycarbonate material. Such a mask ensures a high-percentage effectiveness everytime we use it!

The 21st century is truly remarkable, and it will always be an open opportunity for everyone to feed their curiosity and allow themselves to explore the boundaries of what we can achieve!

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