Coquette Fashion with Jelli

Coquette Fashion with Jelli

The sudden urge to reinvent oneself after a challenging period in life.. Yes, we feel you! 

Whether it's a breakup, a loss, or simply a desire for change, refreshing our wardrobe and embracing a new style can feel like a cathartic experience – a way to shed old skin and emerge renewed, with a newfound sense of confidence and purpose. 

And where better to seek inspiration for our next chapter than on TikTok? The short-form video platform buzzed with different fashion tips and aesthetics in recent years, reinventing past fashion trends and aesthetics and putting it on the fashion trend train. ICYMI, here’s the newest favorite Internet aesthetic: the Coquette Fashion ✨

Where did the coquette fashion start?

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese lolita aesthetic and subculture, which gained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s, this trend seamlessly weaves together elements of Victorian and Rococo-era fashion. Although it flirted with the fashion scene during the swag and boho chic era of 2010, it didn't quite take center stage. But thanks to social media platforms today, these fashion statements have witnessed a resurgence of popularity and drawn attention from the fashion world.  

🎀 The Coquette Fashion

Dressing in the coquette aesthetic means getting your hands on “girly” elements and adding it to your wardrobe - from delicate necklaces that twinkle in the sunlight to whimsical pink ribbons that add a playful twist to your hair. Picture lace dresses with patterns of weaving tales of romance and elegance, with every stitch to floral embroideries with delicate blooms adorn everything from blouses to skirts - all of which screams femininity with a touch of style and grace. 

But coquette fashion isn't just reserved for special occasions – it's about incorporating these elements into your everyday essentials, seamlessly blending style with practicality. Take, for instance, the Jelli M1 masks – a staple of modern life that has been given a stylish makeover to match the viral aesthetic. With their soft pastel hues and delicate lace trims, these masks not only protect but also elevate your everyday look, allowing you to fully embrace the coquette aesthetic no matter where life takes you.

As we navigate the twists and turns of life, our style can serve as a beacon of resilience, allowing us to emerge from challenging moments with renewed vigor and a sense of purpose. And in a world where self-expression knows no bounds, there will always be a space for fashion enthusiasts to share their creativity and inspire others to embrace their unique style journeys 🌷

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