Nail it this Spring!

Nail it this Spring!

Spring is finally here! With the days getting longer, the air getting warmer, and flowers bursting into bloom, it's the perfect time to shed the winter blues and embrace the season's vibrant energy. And what better way to do that than with a fresh manicure and a trendy mask that complements your look?

Taffy: A Match Made in Spring Floral Fantasy

Taffy Pink, a playful and sweet shade, embodies the essence of spring. It evokes blooming cherry blossoms, playful picnics under the sunshine, and a touch of youthful whimsy. To match this delightful Jelli M1, consider nail art that reflects the same energy: 

  • Blooming Bouquet: Embrace the floral inspiration with a vibrant bouquet of tiny flowers painted in various pastel shades on a clear base. This design pairs beautifully with the Taffy Pink Jelli M1, creating a look that's both playful and sophisticated.
Photo courtesy of @qquirkynails on Instagram


Arctic: A Fresh Take on French Manicures

Arctic White, a clean and refreshing shade, evokes the feeling of crisp spring mornings and the coolness of a gentle breeze. It's a versatile color that complements a variety of nail art styles, making it the perfect match for the minimalist or the chrome enthusiast. Here is an idea to keep your nails looking fresh and cool:

  • Holographic Accents: Keep your nails white but add a touch of playful shimmer with a single holographic accent nail. This adds a touch of fun and reflects the light beautifully, perfectly balancing the cool elegance of the Arctic White Jelli M1.
Photo courtesy of The KA Edit


Midnight: A Touch of Coquette with Silver Stars & Bows

Midnight Black, a timeless and sophisticated shade, adds a touch of mystery to your springtime look. It's perfect for evening outings or for those who prefer a touch of playful romance. Maybe match the Midnight Black Jelli M1's elegance with a touch of coquette:

  • Midnight Bows: For a playful twist, paint tiny silver bows on a black base. You can keep the bows simple or add a touch of detail with a single rhinestone in the center. This playful design adds a touch of whimsy to the classic black and complements the Midnight Black Jelli M1 perfectly.

Photo courtesy of The KA Edit

No matter your nail art preference, the Jelli M1 mask ensures clear communication and comfortable wear, allowing your personality to shine through.

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