Style and Sass with a Shot of "Espresso"

Style and Sass with a Shot of "Espresso"

Sabrina Carpenter, the captivating pop princess known for her infectious music and energetic stage presence, is making waves not just on the charts, but also in the fashion world. Her style is a masterclass in versatility, effortlessly blending girly chic with bold and edgy elements.

Sabrina's fashion repertoire is a captivating dance between playful and polished. Her heart motif, a signature touch, adds a whimsical charm that sets her apart. This playful vibe spills over into her ability to effortlessly mix and match seemingly opposite styles. One day she's out and about in the city rocking a preppy, Gossip Girl-inspired ensemble with basic cardigans and short pleated skirts, channeling a clean and elegant femininity. The next, she's on stage dazzling in a head-turning, glittery outfit, embracing a bold and glamorous side—all while maintaining her inherent feminine flair. 

Her latest single, "Espresso," perfectly embodies this style and confidence. The song is all about feeling good and not taking yourself too seriously. The music video, a visual feast of fun and playful outfits, showcases her versatility as a fashion icon. From beachside chic to a pool-inside-a-vintage-car setting, Sabrina adapts her style to each scene, making it her own. 

The Jelli M1 masks channel the same energy as Sabrina with our color ways in Arctic and Taffy! Just like how she isn't afraid to experiment with her sound and style, these masks offer a range of added character to one’s look. Arctic echoes the clean and elegant side of Sabrina, a crisp white that complements any outfit. Taffy, on the other hand, channels her playful spirit with a vibrant pink perfect for adding a pop of color. Jelli believes masks can be more than just a necessity; they can be an extension of your personality, a way to showcase your unique style, just like Sabrina does through her fashion.

Sabrina Carpenter's journey of self-expression is an inspiration. She embraces experimentation, and that's exactly what Jelli M1 encourages – to find your voice, your style, and express yourself with confidence.

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