Third Time’s a Charm with Jelli M1 V3!

Third Time’s a Charm with Jelli M1 V3!

The team behind the revolutionary transparent masks is back and better than ever! Jelli M1 V3 is currently in the works, promising even clearer communication and enhanced comfort for all users!

Here’s our Jelli M1 V3 concept:

A Perfect Fit

We’ve heard your feedback on the fit of V2, and we’re working on it. For V3, we want to prioritize a secure and adjustable fit. The beloved headstraps are making a return with improved technology for a lighter and more comfortable experience.

Environmental Commitments

Join us in our mission to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet with Jelli M1 V3's eco-friendly design.

See and Be Seen, Clearer Than Ever

Our anti-fog technology is here to stay with further improvements to make your smile clearer than ever before.

Safety First

At Jelli, we commit ourselves to the safety of our customers. Like our previous masks that have passed the safety standards of CNAS and Intertek Group, V3 will also be undergoing rigorous testing to ensure safety and filtration efficacy.

Be Part of the Jelli M1 Revolution!

We are all about community here in Jelli. Like previous versions, V3 will first be launched on Kickstarter!

[Disclaimer: We are still working on finalizing the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Stay tuned for more details!]

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