EXERT-cise: A Short Guide On Training Your Body To Be Physically Fit

EXERT-cise: A Short Guide On Training Your Body To Be Physically Fit

We’ve all probably seen how technology boomed in recent years, which gradually shifted how people move and go about their daily lives. Using automatic cleaners to get rid of dirt and dust off of the carpets, speaking to AI assistants like Siri and Alexa to search for a food recipe, playing a multitude of games through Virtual Reality (VR), and many more. 

However, the dependence of humans towards technology has grown exponentially, leading to instances where individuals are unable to function without any technological assistance. This is definitely becoming a significant concern as it unknowingly promotes sedentary behavior, which negatively impacts how we view physical activity as a staple human pursuit.

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On a good note, younger people nowadays are trying to be more aware and cautious of their overall status, especially physical health, by engaging in a multitude of activities such as playing sports, forming a healthy, reasonable diet, and doing exercises. Now, talking about exercise, this was and is still a bottleneck itself to the growth and development of a person. There persists a lack of understanding on what exercises to do and what aspect of their body they should focus on, and it’s quite the reason why some people get discouraged from engaging in an active lifestyle.

But, fret not! Here is a short guide that you can use to navigate through the types of exercises:

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If you are aiming to improve the capacity of your heart and lungs to do their job, then an endurance exercise is for you! It is a type of exercise that one does to improve their overall fitness while, at the same time, individually increasing the performance of their respiratory and cardiovascular system. Some endurance exercises you can do include walking, swimming, & biking.

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If muscle capability is your priority, strength exercise is your best friend! It is a type of exercise that one does to increase their muscle strength, just like the food-grade polycarbonate material that the Jelli M1 Mask uses to maintain its reusability over a long period of time! Doing this exercise can go a long way to improve the strength of your body bones. A popular exercise that you can do is lifting weights.

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Flexibility exercise is your go-to exercise if you wish your body to attain freedom! It is a type of exercise that one does to improve their range of motion and allow their limbs to do activities beyond the range that average humans could do. This is just like Jelli M1 Mask, where you can use it to protect yourself AND to improve your personal aesthetics! Stretching and yoga are some of the flexibility exercises that you can easily take on.

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Of course, this is not a complete list without a balance exercise. It is a type of exercise that one does to improve balance and minimize the risk of fall-related injuries, especially within the adult population where the skeletal system is already past its prime. You can do one-foot standing & lower-body exercises as you will be maintaining the current condition of your lower extremities.

Whatever good things we achieve from reading this guide, let’s take a step forward and encourage others around us to do the same. Let’s always remember that an active life is equivalent to a happy life!

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