Small habits to make a bigger difference for sustainability

Small habits to make a bigger difference for sustainability

In a world where everything is bigger than you, it can be difficult to see how much you can do — however, the power to create meaningful change is within you and in the choices you make everyday. Together, we can collectively create a significant impact in reducing waste and promoting sustainability in small but meaningful habits. Here’s how we can get started:

Bring your own: Reduce single-use plastics

Single-use plastics are commonplace in the food and beverage industry— it is common enough that we overlook its impact on the environment specifically with plastic bags, takeout containers, disposable utensils, or even our straws. Our shift to alternatives has proven plastic to be the more convenient option. However, we offer a better alternative than paper straws and bags: by carrying your personal reusable bags, water bottles, coffee cups, and meal boxes; with every purchase, you can avoid disposable plastics therefore, significantly reduce their waste. 

Choose active and public transportation 

Transportation options like walking, cycling, or using public transportation are the less attractive options— especially in comparison to the more convenient and comfortable private vehicles. However, at the end of the day, we cannot ignore that the environment pays more for our choice of convenience and comfort.

By choosing the alternatives over private vehicles, we choose the future. Because these options are beneficial to the environment: with less carbon footprint, less greenhouse gas emissions, less traffic congestion, and a more sustainable urban development. Walking and cycling also benefits our physical and mental health through physical activity. Similarly, public transportation not only saves us gas money but also allows us to meet new people and socialize with other members of our community. 

Choose mindful consumption 

Overconsumption is easier than ever, since we have almost-unlimited access to everything. With the internet– we can do anything with just a few clicks, we have the ability to buy, sell, and even promote our own products. However, the internet is a double-edged sword, because it has created an endless (and mindless) cycle of buying. 

It is important to practice mindfulness in our purchasing decisions, because what we buy impacts our everyday lives. Therefore, it is important to buy products that bring value to your life and will last longer than you need it for.   A great example of this is our Jelli M1 transparent mask, which is not only a long-lasting fashion item, but also a way to keep yourself safe. 

By incorporating these habits in our everyday lives, we are working towards a more sustainable future. Each action, collectively done, creates a bigger difference for our sustainability efforts. Let’s commit to these habits, knowing that our small actions today can and will shape a more livable, sustainable, and better future for us all.

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