"Accessorizing with Flair: How to Elevate Your Outfit with Fashion Masks"

"Accessorizing with Flair: How to Elevate Your Outfit with Fashion Masks"

Due to the nuances of the Covid 19 pandemic, fashion has embraced a new essential accessory – the fashion mask. What was once an item people used as a daily necessity has now become a canvas for creativity, as fashion masks now allow individuals to elevate their outfits with flair. Let us delve into how you can make a fashion statement while staying safe!

Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to finding the right match, it is essential to see how different colours of masks blend in with our outfits. On the one hand, matching your masks with your outfits creates a cohesive look, as it helps your mask to blend in with your outfit and add to the beauty of the clothes you are wearing. On the other hand, contrasting your masks with your outfits can make your mask a standout accessory. 

Blending In

Finding the right fit involves finding light and simple colours that allow the fashion masks to add to your look. Take Jelli M1’s Arctic and Midnight colors, for instance. These masks offer a pure white and vigilant black colour that blend in with almost any colour scheme. This is because of how the neutrality of these colours are subtle enough to add to your outfits without taking away from the clothes or accessories that you are wearing. 

Take this outfit for instance, the black mask perfectly fits with the concept of her black top, as the colour scheme of both her mask and her top are in sync.

Take this pink dress as another example of how to use masks fashionably, as her taffy mask perfectly enhances the vibrant and light coloured look that she is going for.

Contrasting with Style

On top of using masks to blend in with your outfits, you can also use these fashion masks to stand out! A black and white colour scheme can never go wrong because of how they complement each other. The black colours bring out more strength into the purity of the white colours, whereas the white colours add a sense of innocence and lightness to the dark black colours.

You can even use these masks to fit in with your sporting outfits!

Last but not the least, you can use these masks together with many different colour schemes. For one, the light colour of the Arctic masks blend well with many different colours, and it blends with this blue look below.

So what are you waiting for? Try our Jelli M1 masks now!


*Note: As of the moment, we are currently working to restock our other colours. Stay tuned for announcements, for these colours are ON THE WAY!

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