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Jelli M1 - Transparent Face Mask with Ear Loops

Jelli M1 - Transparent Face Mask with Ear Loops

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Meet an innovative generation of face masks, crafted with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. Meet the updated version of the Jelli M1, with redesigned ear loops for added comfort!

Completely reusable with replaceable filters, Jelli M1 brings you clear, breathable face masks which filter an incredible 99.7% of pollution with a two-way filtration system. Engineered by experts in California, the mask features adjustable straps for a universal fit, and anti-fog technology to ensure your mouth is clearly visible and your smile shines through, while also working with Apple Face ID. 

Don’t settle for a restricting face mask that prevents you from showing your emotions - let the world see your smile with Jelli M1!

FILTERS POLLUTION: With expertly designed vents located on the chin and cheeks, Jelli M1’s premium face masks significantly lower the risk of exposure to aerosolized particles for both the wearer and those around them. Protects from pollution!

ULTRA-COMFORTABLE: With adjustable straps and vents to allow for improved breathability, you can wear our face mask all day long without any irritation. Forget constrictive masks and enjoy pure comfort with our expertly designed masks that don’t fog up.

DESIGNED TO BE REUSABLE: Reusable masks aren’t just more cost-effective, they’re also less wasteful and better for the environment! With replaceable filters which last up to two weeks, Jelli M1 provides masks that have been created to last so that you can purchase with confidence.

UNPARALLELED QUALITY: Manufactured with food-grade polycarbonate. Designed to you can breathe easy knowing that you can count on Jelli M1 face masks.

SHOW YOUR SMILEFabric face masks can hinder communication by muffling your speech and hiding your emotions, so open up with Jelli M1’s revolutionary clear face masks! Allow your smile to shine through even during these difficult times by ditching traditional masks and reaping the benefits of our transparent masks.

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