Activities to Improve your Mood

Activities to Improve your Mood

Who doesn’t want to be in a good mood? However, like it or not there are just some days when we feel down or even cranky. These kinds of moods cannot be avoided, there are various factors that we experience every day which can influence our mood such as diet, weather, sleep, etc., To help you alleviate those heavy feelings, here are some activities that you can try to achieve a positive mood!


Take slow, deep breaths. Focus your attention and disregard stressful thoughts. By meditating you are able to signal your nervous system to calm down. As a result, your mind will be tranquil and you’ll feel relaxed.

Listen to music

Listening to your favorite tunes can also uplift your mood — so turn it up and don’t be afraid to sing along! Music has the ability to boost the brain’s production of dopamine which can relieve anxiety and depression. 

Eat Chocolates

Big chocolate fan? Well lucky for you! According to research consuming chocolates can influence your mood. The main ingredient of chocolate, cocoa, elevates serotonin levels. The anti-depression qualities of chocolate make it a perfect snack especially if you’re not in the right mood.

Head outside

A change of scenery can also help you have a better mood. Walk through the woods, go to a park — just expose yourself to nature and it will help alleviate negative emotions. It’s also best to go out while the sun’s out so you can get that Vitamin D, which is also linked to mental well-being!


Write down what you are feeling to clarify your thoughts. Ask yourself “What’s something that I’m grateful for?” acknowledging this will improve your perception and will make you feel more optimistic. So feel comfortable and jot down in your journal.

These are only a few mood-boosting activities that you can do. Remember, having an off day is normal. But if it seems like your mood has been destructive to you and the people around you — Do not be afraid to seek professional help.

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