Be the Reason Someone Smiles

Be the Reason Someone Smiles

An effective communication is essential in allowing one to comprehend the information precisely and swiftly. Skillful communication enables the ability of healthcare professionals to develop rapport with their elderly patients and relay important health information. 

With the current pandemic, transparent masks are beneficial for both senior patients and healthcare professionals such as:

Prevent impact on speech delivery

The normal face masks are made with a thick fabric material that hugs around our faces which reduces the volume of our normal tone and limits one to convey the message due to a limited space. However, transparent masks are designed with food-grade polycarbonate to create a curved structure, enabling our voices to echo and enough allowance for our mouth to communicate properly

Preservation of facial cues 

Facial expressions and body language are one of the important aspects in human communication. It does not only communicate thoughts but also expresses emotions. Fabric masks cover the face which greatly impacts one to fully comprehend because emotions enhance the messages, making it easier to understand in positive or negative perspective.

Promote empathy and establish trust

As we are able to understand each other properly, being aware of our emotions helps talk about feelings more effectively. Some senior patients are naturally more emotionally sensitive with emotions than others. 


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