Clearing up Myths: Debunking Misconceptions About Face Masks

Clearing up Myths: Debunking Misconceptions About Face Masks

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, we were forced into a new normal that entailed us having to wear masks everyday in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from contracting the virus. This is because wearing masks protects people from spreading and receiving germs to and from the noses and mouths of others. Fast forward to today, wearing masks continues to be the trend, as many people have integrated masks into their daily outfits and lifestyles. In spite of people using this so regularly, there are still many myths that surround the use of masks. Below are three of these myths:

Masks Reduce Oxygen Intake

Researchers at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital published new findings that wearing masks did not diminish the ability of its participants from breathing air in and out of their bodies (UHBlog, 2021). This study measured the heart rate, transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension and oxygen levels in 50 adult volunteers at the conclusion of six 10-minute phases (2021). These phases involved sitting and being motionless and then walking with different kinds of masks (2021).

Only Sick People Should Wear Masks

Due to the nature of the coronavirus being similar to other illnesses like the flu or the common cold, it is essential to wear masks since you may not know if you or the people you will be passing by would have the virus. Wearing masks will essentially stop you from possibly spreading the virus, and it can also prevent you from contracting the virus from somebody else. 

Masks are Uncomfortable and Inconvenient

While people may find certain masks to be uncomfortable and out of style, Jelli M1 offers a solution to both of these! Jelli M1 offers masks with ear loops and head straps that are meant to provide more comfort to the ears and faces of its wearers. On top of that, Jelli M1 offers colourful and stylish Arctic, Midnight, Taffy, and Cherry colours in white, black, and pink colours that are meant to change an everyday boring item into something lively and exciting! 


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