Colorado Announces Road Map For Moving Forward With COVID-19

Colorado Announces Road Map For Moving Forward With COVID-19

The Omicron surge seems to be coming to an end, with new COVID-19 cases steadily dropping in the U.S. To scientists and infectious disease experts, the decline of cases can be a sign that COVID-19 is reaching the end of its pandemic phase and will transition to endemicity later this year. 

In this regard, several U.S. states are also beginning to switch from a crisis mentality to a more forward-thinking endemic approach to managing and living with COVID-19. Spearheaded by California’s S.M.A.R.T.E.R. strategy, Colorado is also following suit, announcing its own road map to move past a COVID-19 emergency response.

Colorado COVID-19 Response Road Map

Colorado’s efforts to shift to an endemic response to COVID-19 are centered on reducing the likelihood of future health emergencies. Part of its plans include: 

  • Improving hospital readiness 
  • Improving COVID-19 testing and treatments
  • Expanding the workforce in the healthcare sector 
  • Updating and optimizing plans on health and virus surge 
  • Improving indoor air quality in schools and public places 
  • Promoting federal policy changes for mass testing 
  • Providing additional funds and resources for healthcare job training 
  • Investing in COVID-19 research

At par with the CDC’s initiative to loosen mask mandates, Colorado is also looking into eliminating mask-wearing requirements in indoor spaces. However, according to Colorado Governor Jared Polis, residents are still recommended to carry masks when going outdoors and wear them in public settings. 

A Journey Back to Normalcy

Colorado’s roadmap is most significant for fully vaccinated residents, who, according to Polis, can begin their return to normalcy. As of writing, over 69% of Colorado residents are fully vaccinated, 78% have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 34% have received their booster shots.

Governor Polis calls on unvaccinated individuals to protect themselves and help the state return to its pre-pandemic status by getting vaccinated. Further, he advises immunocompromised residents to speak to their doctors about the possibility of getting a fourth vaccine dose. 

As one of the pioneering states adopting strategies that look ahead and are focused on living with COVID-19, Colorado is integrating prevention plans in its road map. According to Governor Police, the priority now is to normalize COVID-19 into its healthcare system to prepare and prevent future health emergencies

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