COVID-19 Lockdown Causes Underdevelopment in Children's Speech and Understanding

COVID-19 Lockdown Causes Underdevelopment in Children's Speech and Understanding

We’ve heard all about how COVID-19 has impacted what used to be known as “normal.” Businesses are closing up, people are losing their jobs, and economic situations continue to worsen. 

But with the volume of news on the pandemic making noise today, little has been heard about its impact on children aside from the closing of schools and the transition to e-learning. 

Although education moves forward despite COVID-19 lockdowns, research suggests that children are being left behind, particularly in speech and understanding. 

Child on lockdown

1.5 Million Children Left Out in Speech and Understanding Development

A survey conducted by UK children’s communication charity “I CAN” revealed that 67% of primary school teachers and 60% of secondary school teachers believe that their students are experiencing underdevelopment in speech and understanding caused by COVID-19 restrictions. 

From these statistics, “I CAN” has estimated about 1.5 million children are being negatively impacted by current education restraints and strict health protocols. 

More and more children are struggling with speech development and communication. Among the culprits include the lack of face-to-face communication and the overuse of gadgets for e-learning. 

As schools begin to open, speech and understanding development among children is expected to improve. But speech-language pathology experts believe that there is another culprit that needs to be addressed.

Mask-wearing: A Culprit

Professionals in speech-language therapy say another factor that has hindered speech and understanding development among children is mask-wearing, which has restricted facial expressions and lip reading as communication aids. 

child - maskwearing 

Because cloth masks cover the face from the bridge of the nose down, it has made it a challenge for children, PWDs, and those hard of hearing to communicate effectively, read lips to associate words with sound, and observe non-verbal signals and visual cues. 

Despite the reopening of schools and the possibility of face-to-face communication, mask-wearing is yet another hurdle that requires a solution. 

Jelli M1: Recommended by Speech Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists recommend using clear masks as an alternative to cloth masks. Transparent face masks, such as the Jelli M1, are designed with a clear plastic panel, eliminating mouth coverings.  

Clear face masks are better alternatives and provide the same, if not more, level of protection against the COVID-19 virus. The Jelli M1 mask comes with melt-blown filters capable of filtering at over 97% efficiency, providing better air quality and ventilation. 

With a Jelli M1 clear mask, parents, teachers, and speech-language pathologists can be more confident not only in children’s safety as they go back to school but also in the continuous and uphill development of children’s speech and understanding. 

The Jelli M1 mask is available for shipping nationwide. Get yours and your childrens’ today.


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