Dealing With Grief and Loss 

Dealing With Grief and Loss 

It is undeniably painful to lose someone in your life. During those times, it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, regardless of the kind of loss you've experienced. While grieving, you may encounter difficult and unexpected emotions such as sadness, regret, and anger. Your physical and mental health can be affected as you grieve, so here are some ways for you to cope to ease what you are feeling.


Accept your emotions

Don’t hold yourself back from expressing what you are feeling — you can cry it out all you want. It is important for you to recognize your feelings and never think that you should feel differently. Take all the time you need for your self-recovery. Don’t rush, it’s not a race. 


Talk about it

Talking about your loss to your friends and family can help you unload your feelings and thoughts. However, some people are not comfortable talking and that’s okay too. Don’t pressure yourself since there are also other ways to express your feelings, such as journaling.


Take care of yourself

At this time, it’s best for you to take care of yourself physically, so you can support yourself emotionally. By engaging yourself in self-care practices, you’ll feel better about yourself and it can help in managing your emotional state. 


Never forget

Losing someone can also be a time for remembrance. Feel free to do something to honor the person you lost. Stay connected with whomever you lost by remembering your memories together, and celebrating their birthdays, and anniversaries. 


Dealing with grief and loss has never been easy, but it is an inevitable moment in our lives that will stay with us forever. With the COVID-19 death toll continuously increasing to over 6 million deaths, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe. So let’s all do our part and practice simple precautions, such as wearing our masks. 

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