“How to Choose the Perfect Mask for Every Occasion”

“How to Choose the Perfect Mask for Every Occasion”

The new normal made wearing masks the new norm. We wear it whenever we go to school, to work, to the mall, and we even wear masks in airports. As it has become integral to our daily wear, it is important for us to find ways to make this daily endeavour more meaningful. One way we can do this is through finding the right masks that suit our daily desires! Now how can we exactly do this? Look no further, and follow these steps below:


The first step to finding the right mask is to find a mask that works to serve its purpose of protecting us from different illnesses and pandemics.. The mask that we choose MUST cover our nose and mouth while having a good grip on our faces. In essence, it has to not slip from our faces, so it also has to have a good grip on our ears or head area. This is why it is important to find masks with soft ear loops or easy-to-use nose wire adjustments. Lastly, the masks that we choose must be comfortable, and it has to allow us to breathe comfortably.


Now that we have found a safe and comfortable mask, it is now time for us to find out how we can integrate these masks into our daily outfits! One important thing to note is how we can fit in our masks into what we are. For example, students and workers can go for simpler colours such as black and white if they want to be subtle. Teenagers and young adults can even go out with vibrant pink colours in order to add style into their lives with the help of masks!

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*Note: As of the moment, we are currently working to restock our other colours. Stay tuned for announcements, for these colours are ON THE WAY!

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