Jelli M1 - Promoting Inclusivity

Jelli M1 - Promoting Inclusivity

The world is continuously progressing and changing. With this, Jelli Tech International recognizes inclusivity as an important aspect of the development of society. A lot of people are still wearing masks, however, this can be a real challenge when communicating — especially for people with hearing disabilities. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, about 48 million or 14% of Americans have reported some degree of hearing loss. This prevalence is twice as common as diabetes or cancer. 

Levels of hearing loss vary as it can span from mild to severe degrees. Although hearing aids and other assistive devices can provide, most individuals still rely significantly on lipreading and facial expressions to convey and comprehend emotions. Jelli Tech aims to break down the barriers against communicating — through the Jelli M1 mask — so that individuals with hearing impairment won’t feel isolated. 

The current N95 masks or current cloth masks offer some disadvantages that the Jelli M1 addresses. Through its transparent feature, individuals with hearing impairment can now easily read other people’s lips! When using the typical face masks, people are unable to recognize facial expressions which hinder interpersonal communication. But with the Jelli M1, it’s no longer tough to read faces and we’ll be able to smile at each other! This mask is not just helpful for those who have a hearing impairment, because through this mask you’ll finally be able to determine who’s who! This time, it’s no longer a guessing game if you know that person or not. 

The Jelli M1 is the perfect solution for communication barriers at this time when COVID-19 cases are still pervasive, especially with the current rise of the XBB 1.5 variant. Remember, the virus is still out there and the only way we can stop it is if we do our part and wear our masks.

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