Jelli M1 Masks: Adding Style to an Everyday Item

Jelli M1 Masks: Adding Style to an Everyday Item

Back in 2019, the spread of the Coronavirus drove us into a “new normal” that changed the way we lived. We could no longer see people whenever we pleased, we relied on online platforms to connect with loved ones, and we started to wear masks to protect ourselves from the dangerous tendencies of the virus. In addition to this, during the few times that we could encounter the people we wished to see, we could not feel the same connection as we did in the past. We could no longer see their vibrant smiles that communicated how they felt happy in our presence. In turn, we could no longer give them these smiles because of how we conformed to wearing masks that shielded us from the virus. As we continue to carry on with our lives and exist amidst all these changes, it is essential for us to find fun and exciting twists to brighten up our lifestyles in this new world. 

Jelli M1 - A Light that Shines in Gloomy Times

In comes the Jelli M1 masks. Given our need to connect visually and emotionally while staying safe from the virus, Jelli Tech gives us the solution of providing see-through masks that protect us from the virus without masking our smiles away. These masks also offer the best quality filtration and protection to protect our bodies, and they are also reusable so that we can protect our Earth. In fact, these masks come in simple Arctic White that embraces the elegant minimalist, Midnight Black that unleashes the Bold and Mysterious, and they also come in vibrant Cherry Pink and Taffy Pink Colours to embrace our sweet and playful natures! They also come in ear loops and head straps in order to add comfort to this already safe and fun fashion experience. 

Accepting Change with a Smile

As we continue to adjust to this new and peculiar world, it is essential for us to carry on our lives with a playful joy that can help us connect with our world better. With Jelli M1 masks here to guide the way, we can now CHOOSE to have fun in these difficult times. We can now choose to colour our smiles with Artic White, Midnight Black, Cherry Pink, or even Taffy pink!

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