“Mask Artistry: Creativity and Expression through Face Coverings”

“Mask Artistry: Creativity and Expression through Face Coverings”

“Mask Artistry: Creativity and Expression through Face Coverings”

In a fast-paced, ever-changing society that continues to redefine the way we interact, communicate, and connect with others, face coverings have emerged as more than a daily necessity. In fact, many of us see this as a canvas for our creativity that allows us to express our individualities so that we can communicate who we are with our world better. 

Cosplay is more than meets the EYE (Literally)

Take cosplay, for instance. Cosplay allows people to extend beyond who they are as individuals, as it connects people with idols and figures they wish to emulate. Cosplay is more than just costumes and characters. In essence, it is a vibrant avenue for self-expression that can work to both show hidden facets of our personas while keeping certain pieces of who we are hidden from others. Through cosplay, we can also connect with others who share the same visions in the styles we use to express ourselves. Cosplay can even connect many of us who embody different styles from different characters. Doing this can help us learn to appreciate each other’s different tastes in order to teach us to love each other’s creative styles while gaining the confidence to break free from societal norms. 

Using Face Coverings to Express our Love for the Arts

From pop culture to cultural representation, face coverings are an integral part of our society that allows us to find joy in fashion. For one, you can see kids in everyday scenarios wearing masks of their favourite superheroes. From spiderman’s mask, to the stormtrooper helmet, we can expect famous movies and icons to be seen from the youth. In addition to this, masks from those who love theatre is also a notable trend. One great example of this is the mask of the Phantom of the Opera that was worn by the Phantom. This is one of the most iconic forms of face coverings that fans of the arts love to wear. On top of all of these, cosplay is actually one of the most popular forms of face coverings in today’s world, apart from the mandatory use of medical face masks of course. Cosplay, in fact, rose to fame because of how anime continues to grow even outside of Japan. Because of globalisation, Japanese culture continues to spread to different peoples. This has allowed these people to appreciate anime more, and some love it so much to the point that they are willing to change their entire looks in order to look like their favourite anime characters!


Jelli M1 

Given how we have to conform to the new normal of wearing masks in our everyday lives, it certainly won’t hurt to add a little style and “pizzaz” to your daily looks. In fact, you can incorporate these kinds of trends in the daily masks that we wear through our Jelli M1 masks! You add an icy arctic to your pearl white costumes, midnight black to enhance the darkness of your characters, and taffy or cherry pink to add vibrance to your colourful costumes! These masks have helped some cosplayers to add to their beauty and love for the arts, and they can most certainly do the same for you!!!

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