Masking for a Cause: Inspiring Stories of Communities Coming Together

Masking for a Cause: Inspiring Stories of Communities Coming Together

Our lives changed when the world went into lockdown mode last 2020 during the initial outbreak of the coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic, many of us lost hope since we could no longer carry on with our daily lives. Students stopped going to school, corporate offices were empty, and hospitals were full of sick and dying patients. However, through our resilience, we learned to soldier on and find meaning in such difficult times.

“Masked Away”
One inspiring story that birthed in the midst of all the turmoil was the Jelli M1 brand. The context of its creation stemmed from Jelli M1’s founder’s passion for kids and inclusivity. Essentially, kids communicate through emotions because of how their speech and their brains are not fully developed. In order to compensate for lacking these skills, kids use their vibrant smiles to show their loved ones that they are happy. Sadly, the pandemic and its stringent guidelines took all of this away when it masked the smiles of these kids away. This then brought a dilemma to this world: how could kids possibly grow under the normal conditions of seeing a friend’s face tell him/her/them how happy the friend is to see the kid while staying safe from Covid? The solution: Jelli M1 masks!

The Birth of Jelli M1
Given this dilemma, Jelli Tech came up with see-through masks that offered kids, their parents, teachers, and all other individuals their smiles back with a guarantee of safety. In fact, these masks also helped the parents, relatives, and teachers of a lot of kids, as well as the immunocompromised and PWD community, to offer their smiles to their children whom they love. Through these efforts, parents could show their kids how much they loved their kids, teachers could teach kids better, and the immunocompromised could continue to express their smiles despite their physical disabilities. Jelli M1 truly made the most of a bleak situation, as they try to turn lives around one smile at a time!

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