Match Your Mask!

Match Your Mask!

When the Corona Virus hit the world in 2019, which resulted in the pandemic, the need for face masks rocketed. With the increase in demand and the lack of any anticipation of the situation, the product soon became scarce in many, if not all, parts of the world. It was in the latter half of 2020 that the people settled in and were provided proper access to such necessities. As several months went by, the simple face mask soon found its way to become part of the everyday outfit.

From color and material to straps and chains, society was able to develop the ordinary face mask to their liking. However, achieving the perfect look and sufficient protection was found difficult by many. Some aesthetic face masks are not comfortable, while those make breathing a bit more difficult. It is rare to find something on the market that checks every box on the list. Looking back at our pre-mask era, we all had our ways of dressing to impress, which we complemented with makeup or facial hair. Since we were expected to wear face masks, we had to find a way to accentuate our aesthetic while ensuring that the whole fit still screams “me!”.

Face masks can be used as a fashion statement. From luxury brands to local businesses, everyone had a way of attracting their target market. However, finding the perfect mask can get pretty costly. You have to consider its appeal, effectiveness, longevity, and ability to match every possible outfit that you have. Those who are more privileged can easily buy several masks that would fit their preferences, but it would not exactly be helpful regarding waste, wouldn’t it? And as for those with a minimal budget, buying face masks to suit your taste can get pretty costly over time. When we think about it, a face mask becomes a fashion statement with its color, texture, and ability to complement. Why stress over color when you can go transparent?

This is why the perfect mask to match would be from Jelli. These reusable masks not only minimize expenses but offer an opportunity for a wider variety of ensembles. You don’t have to think of what color to wear. Instead, bring out your best lipstick, groom your facial hair, and give your best smile as Jelli reveals your smile to the world.

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