Preventing Maskne

Preventing Maskne

Does your skin get irritated when you wear a mask? Or have you ever experienced having a breakout after repeatedly wearing a mask? Such a condition is called maskne caused by the heat and friction from the constant contact between mask and skin. Maskne does not only manifest as acne breakouts. It can also occur as bumps, redness, irritation, rashes, itchiness, and skin peeling. If you are someone who frequently wears masks and experiences maskne, this blog post is for you! Here are some ways on how you can prevent maskne. 

After a long day of wearing your mask, there may be a lot of clogged-up dirt on your face that can cause acne. Regularly wash your face to remove the dirt from your face and reduce the amount of build-up. Use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser when washing your face, and avoid rubbing your skin when drying. Regularly clean your face morning & night and after wearing a mask. 

Mask-wearing can trigger skin irritation, especially from makeup or skin care products. Makeup can clog your pores, while the mask covers the skin creating a hot & humid environment that leads to breakouts. If this happens, it would be best to skip the makeup. Otherwise, use non-comedogenic makeup. As for skin care, you may want to cut on harsh products like exfoliants, retinoids, and chemical peels.  

The type of mask you are wearing can also affect your skin. Avoid wearing masks made of nylon, rayon, and polyester since these synthetic fibers can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. If you are wearing cloth masks, make sure to wash these every day while disposing after using surgical masks. Furthermore, the fit of your mask can also irritate the skin. Too tight can increase friction, while loose don't offer protection, in both cases, you will have to adjust the mask which can allow the transfer of bacteria and germs from your hands to face. If you want a mask that can protect you while having minimum skin contact, the Jelli M1 Face Mask is perfect for you! With its adjustable straps, you can adjust your mask to your preferred comfort with minimal risk for maskne. 

Skin irritation caused by mask-wearing, or maskne, can be prevented in many ways. It can be changing your skincare routine, cutting down on certain products, or changing your mask. It is good that we can identify which method would work best for our skin so that we can maintain healthy skin while staying protected.  

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