Reusable face masks vs. Single- use face masks: Factors that makes it comfortable to wear

Reusable face masks vs. Single- use face masks: Factors that makes it comfortable to wear

Do you ever think about whether reusable or disposable face masks are the right option for you? Majority of individuals do, and there are good reasons for both choices. Reusable fabric masks have become a popular alternative in nations where there is a face mask shortage as a result of panic buying or insufficient supply since they are frequently viewed as more economical and ecologically friendly than disposable medical masks. However, there is still a substantial difference between the effectiveness and quality of the available face masks.



Reusable face masks are commonly known as the most environmentally friendly than single- use face masks. When worn frequently, reusable face masks made of synthetic fiber materials outperform single-use face masks in terms of environmental performance because of it being lightweight and lesser trash which lower environmental impacts. These face masks are considered to be as effective against the COVID- 19 virus because they are manufactured in accordance with the WHO (World Health Organization) criteria and/or the national standards. 


Single - use face masks in the production process especially the acquiring and using of raw materials are big contributors to the environment. Usually, single - use face masks are not made locally, instead they are being manufactured in countries such as China and are being distributed globally. However, traditional single - use face masks are guaranteed to prevent the spreading of the virus as they are also being always used in the hospital facilities. 


As part of personal protective equipment and public health strategy, the wearing of face masks are recommended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Reusable or disposable face masks may have differences in various aspects though both serve its purpose in protecting one from any viruses. 

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