Safe Travels: The Do’s and Don'ts When Traveling

Safe Travels: The Do’s and Don'ts When Traveling

Traveling can be a memorable and thrilling experience. Despite the excitement of visiting a new place, it can also be somewhat overwhelming to come across different cultures and norms, especially for first-timers. Here are some things you can remember while visiting new destinations to maximize the travel experience.

Do Your Research about the place you are visiting. Read about the local laws and customs of the area you will be traveling to avoid mishaps. For instance, if you are visiting a conservative country or religious site, be aware of their cultural or religious dress codes and adhere to these. Do some background checks on the places you will be visiting to know how to prepare. When visiting countries with a language you are not fluent in, try learning some basic phrases like asking for directions or assistance. 

Do Stay Alert and ensure your safety. You are in another country that you are not familiar with. Always be on guard while traveling around unfamiliar places, as anything can happen. In any case, look up and save the emergency service numbers of the site. Refrain from going around sketchy spots, and always stay in well-lit areas. Stay close to your companions, and always know your whereabouts. 

Do Prepare Your Essentials. Create a checklist of the things you need, like your passport, ticket, and pocket money, to name a few. Allot an ample amount of time for you to pack. There is a high chance that you will forget some things if you pack at the last minute. Plan your everyday outfits to avoid overpacking, and only bring essentials. If the palace you are going to has strict health regulations, pack enough masks. You can also use a reusable and durable face mask like the Jelli M1 Face Mask to avoid bringing too many face masks. Besides, wearing a face mask like Jelli M1 would ease communication since people can see your face. 

Don’t Leave Your Things Unattended. When traveling, know where all your things are, and never leave your luggage unattended. If you leave your hotel room, secure all essential items in a locked safe place. While in transit, unless you are with someone you trust, do not nap, as this can leave you vulnerable to pickpocketing. 

Don’t Look Like a Tourist. Blend in with the locals as much as possible. You do not want to stand out like a sore thumb in public. Holding out a map and looking visibly lost just gives away tourist vibes, and that can make you a victim of scams or theft. Try matching your outfits with their local style and familiarizing yourself with the places beforehand. Do some research as well on common local scams that happen in the particular destination you are visiting. 

Don’t Have Any Regrets. Traveling, especially for the first time, can be intimidating but do not let this stop you from trying new things. Take any misadventures in stride and see them as learning experiences that will improve your next traveling experience. Do not be afraid of exploring new places, and enjoy every moment! 

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