Spring Lookbook with the Paris Fashion Month and Jelli 💃

Spring Lookbook with the Paris Fashion Month and Jelli 💃

From Pat McGrath’s unreplicable Porcelain Doll makeup look to Daniel Roseberry’s nostalgic take on Robot Doll— surely, you’ve come across at least one featured piece from the Paris Fashion Month. Not to mention, this star-studded event (that maybe has felt like years on your end) was graced by Rihanna, Sam Smith, Zendaya, Jenniffer Lawrence, Lisa from Blackpink, among the few. Whether you’re looking for a Fashion 101 or an outfit inspo for your Jelli M1 Mask, you’re in the right place to unravel these threads! 


🧵 Thread 1: The Fashion Week!

By now, we’ve established that it’s easy to confuse the length of the Fashion Week due to its endless stream of content— but that’s only because there are multiple shows on different fashion hubs across the month! 

There’s the four major cities: Milan, New York, London, and Paris— each hosting two kinds of Fashion Week: Prét-à-Porter (ready-to-wear), Homme Week (menswear), and Haute Couture (high-dressmaking) which is exclusive to Paris. Each day is jam-packed with collections from budding and distinguished Fashion Houses. 

Interestingly, glamour is often associated with femininity. The existence of Homme Week in itself is a testament that fashion embraces everyone, regardless of one’s gender. Similarly, our Jelli M1 Mask is and can be donned by men. Grab our Arctic Version now!


🧵 Thread 2: The Paris Fashion Month!

Among the Big Four, the Paris Fashion Month is undeniably the most celebrated and attended, with 108 shows and presentations— truly a record-breaker for this season. While it can be easy to only tune in with the household names like Dior, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes, the Paris Fashion Month proves also to be a time of discovery for up-and-coming designers and houses.

Moreover, while it is easy to diminish the event as a snub and for-the-elites, the Paris Fashion Month actually  allows designers to explore the intersectionality, complexity and intricacies of life and humanity. Take Loewe’s Collection and how their pieces probe into our consciousness, Dior’s motif on women emancipation, or Schiaparelli’s nostalgia trip to 2000s that reaffirms our identity and history— all of which reminds us that these collections are evocative and reflexive art. 

While Jelli M1 Masks are distinguished for its style, let’s not downsize how it was thoughtfully designed for communities that greatly rely on facial cues and expression— it's chic but for a reason, just like our Taffy Version!

🧵 Thread 3: The Spring Lookbook

Now that you’ve had your Fashion 101, here are some standout pieces from the Prét-à-Porter Week: ready-to-wear outfits from the Fashion Week that will be accessible to the public for a limited time! And if you’re unable to get your hands on them, fear not because the best part is always playing around by finding basics in your wardrobe that can be its counterpart— now, be bold and unleash your creativity this Spring!


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  Make a statement with your lingerie and Jelli M1 Mask in Midnight (Steve O. Smith, Fall 2024)


Girlboss your work outfit with neutrals and Jelli M1 Mask in Arctic! (Courrèges, Fall 2024)


Be unapologetically loud and red this March with Jelli M1 Mask in Taffy! (Balmain, Fall 2024)


Accessorize your way this spring with Jelli M1 Mask in Midnight! (Marine Serre, Fall 2024)
Experiment with other seasonal aesthetics and Jelli M1 Mask in Arctic! (Duran Lantin, Fall 2024)
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