Should COVID-19 Vaccination Be Mandatory in Schools?: Here's What Experts Think

While several states are already considering implementing vaccine mandates in the educational setting, experts think that it’s too early to require children to get their COVID-19 shots. According to a professor at the Hastings College of Law in California, vaccine mandates are currently premature, and considering the rate of vaccine hesitancy, it would be best to introduce it three to six months later down the line. 

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California Now Has the Lowest Transmission Rate: Here's What It Did to Reduce COVID-19 Cases
As of October 22, 2021, California dropped to a “moderate” level of transmission, with an infection rate of only 10 to 49 cases per 100,000. It was briefly the only state to be classified with a “moderate” transmission rate and had the lowest infection rate among all U.S. States.
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