Two Studies Reveal the Underlying Cause of Omicron's High Transmissibility

Initial thoughts on Omicron’s high transmissibility attributed it to higher viral loads, similar to the characteristics of the Delta variant. But the results of two studies reveal that Omicron’s transmissibility prowess is not because of a high viral load. Instead, it is due to its immune evasion. The studies point out that Omicron’s mutations have the ability to evade immunity from vaccinations or past infections

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Fusion of Delta and Omicron Variants Called Deltacron Discovered in Over 25 Cases
Amid Omicron’s path of destruction, a new threat has been identified by researchers in Cyprus: Deltacron, a fusion of the preceding Delta strain and the current variant of concern, Omicron. Although some people have been infected by both Delta and Omicron, the Deltacron strain has different properties that make it alarming.
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