The ABCs of Makeup

The ABCs of Makeup

As the world slowly slips back into the old normal, masks have marked our everyday lives as an integral part of our everyday attire. These face coverings shield us from a world of uncertainties, yet they've also posed a unique challenge: how to continue expressing our individuality and creativity through the art of makeup. Our eyes, once hidden behind masks, have emerged as the canvas for our artistry and self-expression. Here, we delve into the realm of self-expression and self-assuredness, and discover how to make a lasting impression, no matter the circumstances.


1. A little daring eye look

With a mask or without, your eyes are an attractive and unique feature of yours, so make sure to feature them! Experiment with bold, colorful, and/or dramatic eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara to make your eyes pop.Try out different techniques and styles that will enhance your eye shape and make them the focal point of your whole look. When wearing a mask, you can pay extra attention to your eye makeup as this part of your face will be what people will see the most. 


2. Bring out the best of the best

Makeup isn't merely a tool for appearing presentable; it's a transformative art that allows you to embrace your best self. It's about celebrating the unique contours and striking features that make you who you are. Whether it's the elegant curve of your nose or the regal arch of your cheekbones, makeup empowers you to enhance these distinctive attributes. Use a highlighter on the high points of your face, like your cheekbones, and contour the areas that you want to define, such as your jawline and the sides of your nose. 


3. Choose a bold lip color

A must-have item for every girl’s purse: a lip product 💄 From tinted balms to matte lipsticks, these products definitely ties off the entire look! But more than that, your lip color can be the showstopper, especially when wearing a transparent mask. The transparency of the mask allows your beautifully painted lips to be seen, making them a focal point of your facial expression. Whether you're going for a vibrant red, a subtle nude, or a daring shade of berry, your lipstick becomes the beacon of your confidence and style, effortlessly communicating your mood and taste to the world. So the next time you worry about wasting your lipstick choice, opt for a transparent mask instead 😉


4. Complementing your look with a mask 

Elevating your makeup game goes beyond the cosmetics you apply – it's also about how your mask can be an essential accessory in enhancing and harmonizing your overall appearance. A sunny, carefree day calls for a bright and summery makeup look, and to complete that airy, fresh vibe, consider donning the Jelli M1 mask in Arctic. Its clear, bright hue will seamlessly blend with your light and radiant aesthetic, creating an enchanting synergy. The Jelli M1 mask in Taffy can be another option for you if you want a pop of color to your all-white ensemble! And for those days when you're channelling your inner diva with dark and bold makeup choices, the Jelli M1 mask in Midnight comes to the rescue. This stylish, deep shade pairs exquisitely with your daring look, adding a touch of mystique and confidence to your ensemble. 


5. Confidence is key!

In a world where masks have become part of our everyday attire, and makeup serves as an artistic expression of our individuality, one thing remains constant: confidence. Whether your face is fully visible or partially concealed, and whether you opt for a minimalistic or extravagant makeup style, the power of self-assuredness cannot be overstated. It's like putting on your personal set of "brave girl pants" – the accessory that never goes out of style. Embracing confidence in all that you do is the secret to leaving a lasting impression, making heads turn, and feeling your best, no matter the circumstances. So, go ahead, wear that radiant smile beneath your mask, let your eyes sparkle with conviction, and own your unique makeup style with pride. After all, confidence is the truest reflection of your beauty, shining through in every glance, and leaving a lasting mark on the world.

In the end, it's not just about makeup and masks—it's about celebrating your uniqueness and embracing the power of confidence. Whether your eyes are the focal point of your look, your cheekbones take center stage, or your lips steal the show, the key to true beauty is believing in yourself. Just as a mask complements your makeup, your confidence complements your identity. So as you step out into the world, wear your radiant smile through your Jelli M1 transparent masks, let your eyes speak with unwavering conviction, and take pride in your unique makeup style!

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