The Pros and Cons of Mask Wearing

The Pros and Cons of Mask Wearing

Amidst the improvement in our COVID situation, the importance of mask wearing still remains. There are many viruses like colds and the flu that we are still vulnerable to. We must still remain careful to avoid getting infected with any disease. As you read this, you may wonder what is the need for mask wearing? Here is a list of the pros and cons of wearing a mask. 

Protects you from respiratory diseases & infections 

There are numerous airborne viruses we can contract by simply inhaling its droplets. For instance, a common cold can transfer through coughing or sneezing. Once an infected person sneezes or coughs, the droplets immediately spread in the air and can be inhaled by other people, rapidly spreading the virus among different people. By wearing a mask, there is reduced transmission because it blocks the movement of the particles. 

Keeps you safe from allergens and pollution 

Do you frequently have a runny nose? Or you keep on sneezing? These are symptoms of allergic rhinitis that manifest when exposed to an allergen. Spores, dust, pollen, and pet dander are common allergens. Similar to protecting yourself from respiratory infections, wearing a mask can also prevent triggering allergies by acting as a barrier that blocks allergens. Additionally, wearing a mask can keep you safe in a polluted environment by reducing the amount of polluted air you inhale.

Wearing a mask covers your face. 

Wearing a mask covers our faces, and for some, it may seem like an inconvenience, so they would rather forgo it. Also, covering our faces can make communication difficult, especially for people with hearing disabilities. These challenges can be solved with the Jelli M1 Face Mask. With its clear front, you can wear your mask and show your smile without removing it. Similarly, you can easily communicate with other people without having to remove your face mask. 

Mask wearing can trigger skin problems. 

Some common signs of irritated skin caused by masks include breakouts, excessive dryness, formation of rashes, and itchiness. If you wear one for a long time, the constant contact can trigger or worsen your skin condition. Instead of going maskless, the best alternative would be to wear a mask with minimal contact with the face. This is possible with the Jelli M1 Face Mask that maximises protection while minimising contact between your face and mask. 

Even though COVID is no longer a global health emergency, we are still vulnerable to this. More so, there are many diseases and infections that we are still susceptible to. Wearing face masks will always remain essential since it protects us in many ways. 

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