“Travelling in Style: Must-Have Travel Masks and Accessories for Jet-Setters”

“Travelling in Style: Must-Have Travel Masks and Accessories for Jet-Setters”

As travel restrictions ease and the world reopens, many of us are eager to pack our bags and embark on new adventures once more. While the thrill of travel remains, it is essential to prioritise safety and comfort, which includes having the right travel masks and accessories. In this blog, we shall explore the must-have items for “jet-setters” looking to travel and style and stay protected at the same time.

Chic Travel Masks
Travel masks should offer not only protection, but also complement your travel attire. Opt for masks made from breathable materials like cotton or linen to ensure comfort during long journeys. Consider masks in versatile colours and patterns that can effortlessly coordinate with different outfits. For frequent travellers, having a few spare masks on hand is a smart move.

Mask Storage Pouches
Keep your travel masks clean and easily accessible with dedicated mask storage purchase. These small, lightweight pouches are designed to protect your masks from dirt and germs while keeping them within reach. Look for pouches with a secure closure mechanism to prevent contamination.

Mask Lanyards and Chains
Travelling often involves taking off and putting on your mask, which can be cumbersome, especially when on the move. Mask lanyards and chains are a game-changer. These stylish accessories allow you to keep your mask handy, whether you are in the airport, exploring a new city, or dining at a restaurant.

UV Sanitizing Devices
Mask hygiene is essential during travel. UV sanitising devices are compact and portable tools that can effectively sanitise your mask in minutes. They are a convenient option for ensuring your mask stays clean and ready for use throughout your trip.

Comfortable Ear Protectors
Long flights and long hours of sightseeing can take a toll on your ears if your mask’s elastic bands are causing discomfort. Find masks with ear protectors designed to relieve pressure and make mask-wearing more comfortable during extended travel.

Clear Communication Masks
Transparent masks have value in the sense that they allow you to express emotion in foreign lands where you may encounter a language barrier. Showing your smile to strangers that you meet can help you to show them your warmth while staying safe and having your mask on.

Jelli-M1 Masks
Complete your travel “must haves'' with the Jelli M1! Not only are our masks clear and transparent to help you express your emotions while away from home, they are also comfortable with our ear loops and head straps. What are you waiting for? Buy a Jelli M1 mask now!

*Note: As of the moment, we are currently working to restock our other colours. Stay tuned for announcements, for these colours are ON THE WAY!




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