Wearing of face masks are optional in the Philippines

Wearing of face masks are optional in the Philippines

Last October 28, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has signed the Executive Order No.7 indicating that the use of face masks is voluntary especially in open areas with good ventilation. 

However, this does not mean face masks are not to be worn again. To take into account that those who chose to not wear face masks must be responsible for the hazards and risks it may persist. It is required to wear one in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics. In medical and public transportation including jeepney and ambulance, and other crowded places in the country.

Pregnant women, elderly, those with sickness or comorbidity, unvaccinated and especially those with COVID-19 symptoms are highly encouraged to wear the face mask indoors and outdoors. 

COVID-19 and other infectious diseases are in small particles that can easily spread through the way we speak and breathe. The virus is commonly transmitted between persons who are in close contact with one another. The layers of fabric in the face masks acts as a filter in preventing one to be infected with the virus. 

The newly announced order hopes to bring the Philippines a step closer to being back to normal; the prevention of the virus spreading and positive effects on economic aspects of the Philippines.

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